Hello. Thank you for visiting the "COVENANT BANDS" website. My name is Mark Floor. My wife Karen, and I live in Standish, Maine. The following is the story of how the "COVENANT BANDS" came into existence:

    A week or so before my 13th wedding anniversary I said to Karen, "Honey, next week is our wedding anniversary, and since we have had an awesome year selling real estate, I want to get you anything you would like for an anniversary present. What would you like"? I was sure she was going to say," I want to go to Hawaii for a two week vacation", because she had been voicing that dream vacation for literally years. Or, second on the list, I thought she would want a new car. But much to my surprise, she replied, "I want you to create a new set of wedding bands for us. Something significant. Something that has real meaning".

    As the full realization of her words sank into my brain....I said to myself (silently) "Why couldn't she have wanted to go to Hawaii?!", but out of my mouth came "Sure hon. I'll pray about it and see if I can receive any inspiration from the Lord".

    A couple days went by, and I didn't have a clue as to how to even start to come up with a "significant, meaningful" wedding band. The 21st (our anniversary date) was almost here, and I was thinking that I was going to bomb.

    The next morning as I was doing my daily scripture reading, I was in Numbers, Chapter 15 when I read, starting in Verse 38: The Lord spoke to Moses saying, "Speak to the children of Israel and have them put a blue band on the hem of their garments, so that when they reach forth their hands to do anything, they see the blue band and it remind them of all my commandments, and to do them".

    "Wow, that is powerful" I thought. If everyone was reminded of the Ten Commandments just as they put forth their hand to do anything, I bet the world would be in a lot better place than it is today. This will be my goal for significance in my wedding bands. But who would know what a blue band on a wedding band means. That can't be it. So, I started sketching on a yellow pad, and I drew the Roman Numerals one through ten around the band. Everyone on earth knows and recognizes the Roman Numerals. Then I got the thought that even the Roman Numerals were not complete enough of an explanation, so I put a circle around each of them. A circle that represents the "Endless circle of love between God, husband and wife", and I intertwined the circles to indicate that all the Ten Commandments are still relevant today.    

    With that done, I was ready to show my wife my design and explain it in detail. After lunch that day I pulled out my sketch and showed it to Karen, and told her what it meant. Her eyes welled up with tears, and she said, "Mark this is perfect! It is exactly what I wanted! Let's have them made right away."

    We met with a reputable jeweler and showed him the design. He was intrigued, and asked for the explanation. When we told him the meaning and he said, "this is fantastic! I have never seen a design that conveys such an impactful meaning in my forty years as a jeweler. Would you consider having them mass manufactured and sold to the public?" Karen spoke up and said "No, we are going to enjoy them for ourselves".

    Seven years went by. Every time we were at a social outing of any kind, it never failed that someone would notice our rings, and ask what that strange design stood for. After being told, more times than not they would say, " I want to buy a set of those". We realized that they were a powerful witnessing tool for God, and decided to offer them to all those who would proudly display them to the people they come into contact with. Order yours today. There is no more powerful "Covenant" on this earth than the one that God wrote with his own finger...the TEN COMMANDMENTS.